3 Sahabat

3 Sahabat

Friday, April 11, 2014

Story behind an ULTRA runner CIKGU SYED SYCO

Personal Best for 100KM road running
Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia,

This entry is not suitable for those newbie who just wanna start running. I will create a special entry for those who are new in running long distance soon. But,  still you are encourage to read this if you like to gain some knowledge.

First of all I would like to apologize to all fella readers who have, and will read my blog. I’m not good in writing a story in a blog especially about updating every single thing i did. I wrote this because I was called to share experience and something I did in my running field.

As for this time, I would like to share my running experience with those runners out there. You might be more season runners than me or i might be senior than you or maybe I’m younger than you. But it doesn’t matter as long as we shared the same hobbies. =)

This entry might be the longest entry I will post in my life because I wanted to share a lot of things. So, please be patience with all the story and experience + tips that im gonna share with you guys.

Some of the runners and Volunteers

Recently, I’ve entered two main big events. That were TNF THAILAND 100KM solo and Twilight Ultra Challenge Singapore organize by my friend Ben Swee (running guild). Some people might ask me, how dare you run 100km? Have you train? Have you run a lot of marathons? Half marathon? Endurance run? And so forth… For me, training is no 2, what is the most important is your passion on running field. If you love to run, just give a try, I love to try and if I tried, I will push myself to the limits.

FYI, I did my 1st ultra in 2011, which was the Super Marathon 55km in Kedah. I ran this event after I’ve completed only 2 marathons. Some people said that I’m crazy. Yes!!! Crazy doing healthy activities. LOL. I manage to survive that race even though it was really tough for me. But, let’s just don’t talk about the past. It’s already happened.

Let’s talk about now. My previous success was the TUC (Twilight ultra challenge). I did my PERSONAL BEST of 14:38:01 hours for 100KM. I did my PB before this was 15:33hours at SUNDOWN ULTRA 2013. So I shaved about 55mins from my previous record. What a great achievement for me actually but the most unbelievable thing for people to believe me was, the Training!!!. I get my PB in TUC without lots of training and other word, less or maybe some people say, that is no training at all. =D. I don’t know why after I entered the ULTRA field, I can say honestly, I rarely train like before when I were about to attempt the Full Marathon event. Is Ultra easier than Marathon???? It’s depending on people actually. For me, both are challenging and both got its’ own challenges.

My suunto watch records these. =)

How do I train to run an ULTRAMARATHON?

Basically, I have to tell the really and exact method first, then I will tell how I myself train for my own ultra. Based on the book and website, they will tell you that you have to at least run 2-5 marathon before you can run an ultra. It is because; they want you to be ready for your first ultra marathon. Taking a good nutrition, rest well, do a proper training and so forth.

For me, that is just based on THEIR research and THEIR own body. OURS and THEIRS are different. So, please guys do be too rigid about that particular part. Some people may say, it is true, and I didn’t say it is not. =). Training is virtue. But the number of training or the distance of training is not as important as it supposed to be.

Before I continue mumbling here and there, I would like to share my training schedule before I ran an ultra.

my training records

There you go. I’m not showing off or trying to talk big. But I just want you guys who read this, know about the importance of training and mileage. As for me who have already completed 15 marathon and 8 ultramarathon, training is still important. But I don’t have plenty time to spare to run because of several reason which really didn’t allow me to run frequently.

So, my advice to those runners out there who doesn’t have plenty time to train like me. Maybe you can try my method.

1: Set in mind that you are going to run an ULTRA next month. (Prepare a least 4weeks.)

2: Rest well and weighing yourself so that you will know that you are not too heavy before the race. If you think u have a heavy body mass, then start to control your diet with proper meal. Eat whatever you want and control it. Avoid Ice from that moment as possible.

3: Start to run when you are free. At least 3-6km. Then, find a day to do your Long Slow Distance (LSD).. more than 15km is considered LSD for me.. HEHE!!! =D. If possible, do a daily run of 10km. rest whenever you want. Don’t pressure yourself. Pace and run with your soul. In between your training. Find a hilly road, speed up when running hill route. Push your heart rate to the limit. (Use a heart rate watch to observe ur heart performance.) Pushing to the limit is a key of my training. At least 2weeks I will force it until I cannot handle it anymore.

**NOTE!!!! A proper training for ultra is, you have to cover at least 50-120km weekly. You can google it if you like.

4: Training to walk fast by swinging your arm fast. I can hit a 7.45mins pace while walking. So, you use it when you are tired in an ultra run later on.

That’s all. Just go with the flow and wait for your day to come. Rest 3 days before your event day.


DURING the Event day.

Before the race.

Come earlier to the race place. Have a good Carboloading before the race. Eat carbohydrate like rice and avoid spicy food a day before the race. Prepare yourself with you own food, (solid food) to be carry with while you run your race. **I will buy sneakers, M&M, skittles sour flavor and some Asamboi. Drink plenty of plain water and some sweet drink, (sugar based drink). As for me, I will drink 100 plus, or coke before the race. I will also buy cans of Nescafe latte or original and coke for me to put it on the special need luggage place at certain check point.

Assam.. =)

Question people will ask. Why do you bring those food and drink? Where is your gel? Energy bar? Salt stick? Nah… you guys have been fooled by those company who just wanna sell their product. Based on what I’ve my studied in Sport Science and Coaching certified by USSA, United State Sport Academy. Those gels sold in the market were just a product. Not as good as you thought. So please guys, don’t waste your money. Find something that much more natural like chocolate rather than gels. i will talk a bit only about that because I will write a special entry regarding that next time. Just be informed that gels isn't help much. That’s all. =)

 RUNNING the race!!!!

BOOM!! Preett!!! Priittt.. Flag off time. Now you are in your own to run that race. Strategies, techniques, and tactic that you have will be practically use now.

I want to share my strategies and plans to finish my ultra with you guys..

1: First, what I did is I run with my own pace. I will set in mind that I want to finish my marathon distance first event though I knew that I am running an ultra.

Reason why?

As I’ve told you before, I got less training for the run, so I choose not to be too ambitious by dreaming to finish it, but I have the desire to finish it. So for me, my previous LSD was 17.8km. I will try to hit my LSD first, without any problems.

Touched the 20km mark. I will check my engine and leg. Is it in a normal condition or having problem? If okay, than I will continue with that pace to complete my FM distance. Bare in mind, I got a mental game here where I choose to do my FM below 5hours or maybe below 6 hours. But please not more than 6hours. I know, some people said, running ultra is different. Yes, they are right. But, that is my strategy. So, that is what I do. WHY??? As for me, I will spare at least minimum of 10 hours for my second half (50km).

So I will continue and push until I reached 42km mark. Look at your watch. Doing great with sub 6hours? If yes, then you are great. Sub 6 hours means that you are running with 8mins pace. It is consider slow actually, but okay because you got another 58km to go. As I told you, complete your FM sub 6 or sub 5 if possible. (Advantage if you get sub 5). You will have 8km to go before you reach half of the road. Push again by aiming to complete your 8km within 1hours. Than you will find out that you have covered 50km already within 7hours or less.

Now, you can have a break at 50km mark. Do take your solid food here. As for me, I will drink my nescafe and coke a bit and some fruits provided by the organizer and M&M that I brought it before.

**please make sure you take your isotonic drink n plain water at every water station in order to balance your body temperature and body electrostatic. Or else you will end up cramp!! Stop a while or walk if you feel like you going to have cramp.

Rest a bit before continuing the second half
2nd 50KM

Don’t take rest more than 30minutes as you will loss lots of valuable time.. To start again is a bit difficult, so walk first. Then slowly jog back. For this time I will change my game to 10km only.. I will push mu self to get my 10km in less than 1hours 35 minutes. =). I will slow jog and struggle this time. If you manage to get that timing, that you are great. You have a spare of 5 hours plus (if your cut of for 100km is 16hours, but usually, 100km will provide 18hrs or more, so you will have plenty time)for the next 40KM. At this moment your leg will keep telling you to stop and walk. Don’t give up as you still have lots of time to finish your race. Pursue your legs and fool your brain by keep telling that we are going to do another FM with leisure pace. From now, start to play your mind by counting down or counting up the mileage. As for me, I will count up because I love small number. =D. Less pressure. LOL

40KM!!!! are you crazy? Hahaha.. At this part, please find something inspirational or something that can be your benchmark. For me, I will tell myself, if Uncle Oliver can finish his FM just by walking all the way, then why don’t we do it too? I admired uncle oliver very much because he is totally awesome senior runner out there which I respect very much. Hat off to Uncle Oliver. (Search in FB if you want to know him closer)

From this moment, I will do a Run-walk-run technique. Brisk walk is the best method to use. For the first 10km, I will try my best again to do it in 1:30hours as fast as possible. Less walking and more running.
My running buddy@ sifu (YIM HENG FATT)

Pass the 70KM markers. Now your mental will tell you everything and everything that happens around you will plays it roles too. From now, I will start my counting method. I will find something to be a marker for me to run to. It can be anything like bins, gazebo, lights and many more. Try to run at least between 5.55-6.30mins pace in between that marker. After a while when you reach that marker, you will have to walk. So, you can cover minutes of walking before you start back to run.

Do that until 90KM marks. Every KM you run, please make sure you don’t take more than 1:45hours or else you will not success. By run walk pace, you can do that. I usually will self-talk to myself that I can finish this event even anything happen. =D. I will eat my Asam and skittles during the walking part and I will enjoy that moment. =). Please don’t forget to drink your water. Hydrate yourself sufficiently.

Finally, it is your last 10km. Look back at your watch, you will spare 2 hours at least for the last 10km. Believe me, if you walk all the way also you can finish it., So why don’t you push a bit to get a better result soon.

Lastly.. pose whatever you want at the finishing line.. LOL!!

Finisher items.. =D

Additional info.. 

Please be noted that if you going to do a run walk strategy, please don’t run over than 500m in the last 20KM because your leg won’t recover between minutes of walking. So, take it easy. 100m or 300m is just nice for you to run.. walk for 100m.. then do it again and again. =) So called as Fartlek modified edition. LOL!!!

You can also try the 1k run and 1k walk method, but this method requires you to walk at the 7:45 mins pace which for me, it is not suitable for those who have short leg. =). But it still can be you if you have a GPS watch. =P

Enough for now I think, it is too much already. So, I will be posting about the nutrition later on. I will share Why I choose to drink Nescafe rather than coke or other isotonic drink and why I eat M&M, sneakers, skittles and Asam. =). Wait for that entry ya!!!!

See you guys again, Happy running. Enjoy your race soon. Bye!!!! Feel free to leave a comments. I will accept any comments. =)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

No more sub 4 or sub 5 hours..

Before i start crapping anything.. i want to share my running diary.. =)

Super Marathon (55KM)
1. Jelapang Kedah Super Marathon 2.10.2011 (2011)- 7:41.58 hours

Full Marathon (42.195KM)
1. Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 26.6.2011 (2011) - 6:38.04 hours.
2. Taiping International Marathon 25.9.2011(2011) - 5:21.03 hours.
3. Putrajaya Night Marathon 15.10.2011 (2011) - 5:46.54 hours
4. Penang Bridge International Marathon 20.11.2011 (2011) - 5:01:13 hours

 Half Marathon (21.0975KM)
1. Penang Bridge International HM- somewhere in NOVEMBER(2009) 26KM - 2:56.07 hours
2. Seremban Half marathon 10.7.2011 (2011) - 2:17.54 hours
3. Petaling Jaya Half Marathon 30.10.2011 (2011) - 2:07.11 hours
4. X3 State Half Marathon 4.12.2011 (2011) - 2:05:55 hours
5. Newton 25KM 1.1.2012 (2012) - SOON

Orait, Today i finished my 4th half marathon and i did my personal best on my running. Im proud of myself even though it was way far from sub 2 hour for half marathon. Never mind, i still got room for improvement. Today, my running was quite good with a perfect weather and route. So i manage to finish 2 minutes earlier than Petaling jaya HM,...
Here is the cert and medal that i got this morning.,

After i did my 4th HM..  i started aiming for SUB4 for my FM.. i saw lots of my friends are running with sub4 today.. some of them in Singapore, n some in Hong Kong.. Reading their post saying that they had done a sub4, i started to get jealous. Why am i jealous?? i also dont know why.. maybe because i still cant catch their pace. Then i started to think, how am i going to be like them?? i did plan everything.. all the training and eating part..

But now, once i started writing in my blog, i question cross my mind. it just a simple question.. it is "What actually the purpose of you are running all those event?? is it for glory or for your health?"  This simple question makes me realized 1 thing. Before i started running in june 2011, i said to myself, "i run this because i want to lost weight and keep healthy". But now, i started to aim something else.. What is the reason?? what the hell is this?? oh mannn!!!

Now, i think, running with sub 5 or sub 4, is doesnt matter, i will just run as long as i can keep fit and maintain a healthy life style.. So, remember, i will just run for health reason n make friends while running. Timing is nothing actually for me.. i just give my best, if i get my personal best, it is a rewards for me. =).

Therefore, in the next run, i will just follow my own pace and just enjoy the scenery. i know, no body from malaysia can beat the kenyan pace.. so, what for im training harder?? am i going to beat them?? be realistic, there is no malaysian runner so far can beat kenyan.. so i believe that i also cant do the crazy thing.. hahaha.. My next aim is, keep healthy and run for my life.. no more sub 4 or sub 5 hours..

So long all the sub,sub soi.. hahaha,..

Friday, December 2, 2011

Step nk jadi ULTRAMAN..

Hari ni aku sgt berkobar2 nk jadi ultraman.. korg faham x ultraman aku kat sini maksud dia ape?? Maybe certain org akan cakap aku ni obsess dengan lari.. gile kejar menda tah.. misi aku ialah nk jd ultraman.. Ultraman kat sini bermaksud, aku teringin sgt nk berlari ULTRA MARATHON 100KM.. lepas je aku tamat larian ni, aku akan jadi ultraman.. nk jadi superman kat kedah hari tu pun aku dh pancit, tp xpe.. org kate, hidup ni kene ade matlamat.. so, matlamat aku skng, aku nk lari ULTRA MARATHON pulak.. SUPER MARATHON aku dh lari kat kedah, 55KM.. so, im officially a SUPERMAN now.. Jangan Jeles.. haha

Skng ni aku tgh giat bertanya sifu2 ultraman ni, mcm mane dorg training, n ape yg dorg buat. So far, alhamdulillah aku dh dapat byk sgt knowledge.. dan hari ni aku bertekad nk jadi ultraman thn depan dengan berat badan aku 75kg je.. klu aku xdapat berat tu, maybe aku kene tggu dlu..

Step yg aku akan amek utk jadi ultraman ni:
1: Makan mesti start kene control dh..
2: Say "NO" to ice..
3: Lari marathon sub 5hours.
4: lari 10km sub 1hours.
5: kayuh beskal 150KM seminggu..
6: tny sifu2 lagi tentang tips..
7: berlari seminggu 50++KM.
8: weight training sendiri.. buat je ape yg dh belaja dlu.
9: Fokus n jangan peduli nk org kate mu gile or ape2 pun.
10: bgn pg mesti stretching..

wat masa ni, 10 ni dlu step aku akn buat.. so, what i want to say is.. Good LUCK to ME..

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Thanks for all the wishes,.,
Terima Kasih atas ingatan dan doa2 utk diriku..
Ku amat menghargainya..

Semoga masuknya umur baru ni, aku akan lebih sihat dan dijauhkan dari segala penyakit.. amin.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Menjumpai jaguh..

Hari ni aku just nk share sesuatu yg aku rs ini adalah sebab kenapa aku perlu teruskn bersukan dan bersenam. Perjalanan pulang aku dari sungai petani ke kelantan hari ni begitu istimewa. Ape yg istimewa sgt?? masa aku dalam perjalanan dari grik, aku ternampak seorg pemuda berkayuh basikal Road bike. Tezzz.. terkejut la yea, aku tgk dia naik solo, berkayuh naik bukit grik.

Pergh..saat aku tengok mamat tu kayuh, aku terdetik dah.. gile stylo mamat ni, kayuh sorg2 naik grik.. keje gile ke hape. Then aku terus je jalan then lepak kat ats bukit kat R&R titiwangsa tu. biasa la, bile lepak situ, aku xmakan nasi pun, layan kuih pow je.. gile best. tgh duk layan2 mkn, aku pun pg amek gamba.. Tiba2...... aku tgk mamat yg berkayuh td sampai. Mula2 aku tgk dia sampai tu, mmg aku terkejut la kn.. Perghhh.. laju la sial mamat ni kayuh(berbisik dlm hati).. dengan xmalunye.. aku pun g tny.. Salam bang.. uiks.. sekali gua tgk dia kn.. bukan bro la yea.. ni uncle dh ni. aku pun tny, bang nk pg mane ni bekayuh?? dari mane?? dengan selamba pakcik tu jawab. Pakcik dari Terengganu ke Grik semalam, hari ni nk balik terengganu balik.. tezzz.. sekali lagi gua terkejut beruk.. gile hape pakcik ni, klu naik bas pun 2 hari.. ni dia naik basikal je.. korang nk tgk beskal dia?? ni haa...
Beskal pakcik tu.

Basikal Brand FUJI.. gune gear set SHIMANO TIAGRA 9speeds. Tezzz.. aku tgk beskal pakcik ni, aku terus rasa, brother ni legend ni.. Or ape yg korang rasa?? dia xde la guna dura ace ke, ultegra ke.. biasa je.. Korg boleh tgk sendiri la beskal dia.

Lepas gua g amek gamba ni, gua pg jumpe balik pakcik tu.. tetiba, aku diacukn soalan best. "Eh, adik lari marathon ke?? buat brape jam??"aku dengan konfiden jawab, "sy buat 5jam pakcik.. knp??" pakcik tu selamba jawab.. "owh.. sbb badan adik ni besar, so mmg mcm tu la time dia. pakcik 20 thn dlu pun lari marathon.. pakcik punye time 3jam45minit je"..  Sekali lagi aku tersentap.. gile hape pakcik ni.. laju tu.. tezzz.. gile terbakar aku pastu. Terus aku berbisik dalam hati.. Aku nk jadi mcm dia gak.. sihat sampai ke tua. lari marathon wat Sub 4 hours n kayuh beskal jauh2. dia ade gak ajak aku join berkayuh nnt. aku pun amek la no hp dia.. kut2 ade mase, boleh la aku join.. huhu. Aku sempat gak bergambar jap dengan pakcik tu.. ni la pakcik tu. nama Mat Noor.

Satu info pasal pakcik ni.. dia dh round 1malaysia dlm seminggu.

Apa2 pun, hari ni aku bertekad, aku akan bersukan sampai ke tua. walau apa pun jadi, aku akan cube amalkan hidup yg sihat. Akan ku jg diri ini.. semoga dipermudahkan ALLAH S.W.T. Amin.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sub 5 is the aim..

Running a marathon is not a simple thing to do in your life. But trust me, if you have the passion and strenght, you can do it. Just remember, to finish a marathon is easy, but to qualify for the medal is difficult. Maybe some event offers you 7hours cut off time. Then it will be an easy thing to do. But if they said that the cut off time is 6 hours. then it will be a bit trouble for you.

I have run my first full marathon on Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2011 on 26th June 2011. It was my first FM in my life. Honestly im telling you, i was running without any training before that. My last run before the marathon was my 8KM malakoff run in penang. Then i straight register for the FM. How crazy am i rite?? hahaha.. That is what we call, Crazy people, do unexpected things. hahaha..

Now, after 5 marathon, i felt that im ready for the next marathon and whenever it is, i will be ready with my training. Running a marathon need a full of passion where you need to focus on the route and run. Everyone can run as i said before, but for me.. im different from them. I like to improve my own time and my personal best. so currently, my personal best for FM is 5:01:13 hours and my pace is 7.06 minutes per kilometer.

Now, im planning to reduce the pace/km which my target pace now is 6minutes and below.. How am i going to do that?? thats is the problem.. now, im still searching for the best running teachnique and workout training.. So, im goin to start my training by today to reach my target of SUB 5 hours for FM next year..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NOTA SPP utk kwn2..

Kat sini aku ade byk file tentang SPP yg aku nk share dengan kwn2. Ramai org kate SPP ni susah. kadang2 ade jugak yg tanya, benda ape SPP tu.. SPP adalah Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pelajaran.. Sebelum aku berceloteh byk lg pasal SPP.. better KOrang donlod file aku dh combine ni dlu.. Pastu korg pegi la study.. SPP ni skng penting, jd kepada mereka yg br nk amek SPP ni, Aku doakan korg boleh buat dan selamat mentelaah harta benda kerajaan..

Ni Link utk donlod nota SPP yg aku dh combinekn.. Serious aku cakap, sape xamek, mmg rugi la.. OK..
Selamat mendonlod yea..


Selamat menghadapi temuduga anda kelak.. Gud Luck to all TESLIAN..