3 Sahabat

3 Sahabat

Sunday, December 4, 2011

No more sub 4 or sub 5 hours..

Before i start crapping anything.. i want to share my running diary.. =)

Super Marathon (55KM)
1. Jelapang Kedah Super Marathon 2.10.2011 (2011)- 7:41.58 hours

Full Marathon (42.195KM)
1. Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 26.6.2011 (2011) - 6:38.04 hours.
2. Taiping International Marathon 25.9.2011(2011) - 5:21.03 hours.
3. Putrajaya Night Marathon 15.10.2011 (2011) - 5:46.54 hours
4. Penang Bridge International Marathon 20.11.2011 (2011) - 5:01:13 hours

 Half Marathon (21.0975KM)
1. Penang Bridge International HM- somewhere in NOVEMBER(2009) 26KM - 2:56.07 hours
2. Seremban Half marathon 10.7.2011 (2011) - 2:17.54 hours
3. Petaling Jaya Half Marathon 30.10.2011 (2011) - 2:07.11 hours
4. X3 State Half Marathon 4.12.2011 (2011) - 2:05:55 hours
5. Newton 25KM 1.1.2012 (2012) - SOON

Orait, Today i finished my 4th half marathon and i did my personal best on my running. Im proud of myself even though it was way far from sub 2 hour for half marathon. Never mind, i still got room for improvement. Today, my running was quite good with a perfect weather and route. So i manage to finish 2 minutes earlier than Petaling jaya HM,...
Here is the cert and medal that i got this morning.,

After i did my 4th HM..  i started aiming for SUB4 for my FM.. i saw lots of my friends are running with sub4 today.. some of them in Singapore, n some in Hong Kong.. Reading their post saying that they had done a sub4, i started to get jealous. Why am i jealous?? i also dont know why.. maybe because i still cant catch their pace. Then i started to think, how am i going to be like them?? i did plan everything.. all the training and eating part..

But now, once i started writing in my blog, i question cross my mind. it just a simple question.. it is "What actually the purpose of you are running all those event?? is it for glory or for your health?"  This simple question makes me realized 1 thing. Before i started running in june 2011, i said to myself, "i run this because i want to lost weight and keep healthy". But now, i started to aim something else.. What is the reason?? what the hell is this?? oh mannn!!!

Now, i think, running with sub 5 or sub 4, is doesnt matter, i will just run as long as i can keep fit and maintain a healthy life style.. So, remember, i will just run for health reason n make friends while running. Timing is nothing actually for me.. i just give my best, if i get my personal best, it is a rewards for me. =).

Therefore, in the next run, i will just follow my own pace and just enjoy the scenery. i know, no body from malaysia can beat the kenyan pace.. so, what for im training harder?? am i going to beat them?? be realistic, there is no malaysian runner so far can beat kenyan.. so i believe that i also cant do the crazy thing.. hahaha.. My next aim is, keep healthy and run for my life.. no more sub 4 or sub 5 hours..

So long all the sub,sub soi.. hahaha,..

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