3 Sahabat

3 Sahabat

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1st step to be a marathon runner..

What will you do if you are aiming to be a marathon runner??

For me, what i did today was, i did register for a tournament.. i know that it will be a tough challenge for me because i dont have enough training.. but what you need is, just give a try.. You wouldnt know whether you can do it or not if you dont give a try. what i did was, i registered for towerthon competition, which it will take around 2km of running and around 1+++ steps to go up the tower.

Later, i will try harder to hit the 42km at least. Maybe some people might say that it is something stupid to be done. So please dont be down from what your said to you. just go there and try it yourself. People never try, never know and get the experience. so, my advice for you guys out there, go out and fill up as much tournament as you can.. (Dont force yourself, if you cannot run, just walk.)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

a brand new casio sgw200 really burst my desire to run back..

20th of may 2011... that was the day i started to do something new which i know that it is going to be a START for me.. money and desire.. which come first? first is desire, than comes money.. that was what i did on that day.. start to find timex sleek 150laps, but at last, buying a casio sgw 200.. hahaha.. what a funny thing..

how ever, searching for timex have made me went around komtar and area around komtar.. i believe that if i didnt search for timex, i wouldnt have reached the penang times sequare. for me, times sequare was not ready to receive any visit from the people or buyer who would like to do a shooping there. maybe end of 2011, it will be 100% open for all..

Back to business, running, timing the pace,calculate your calories and your aim to achieve the goal are all come together. So, we you are running, that are the aim. some people said that, running is to lose weight. Yeah, its true... many people run because they dont want their fren to call him/her as FAT!!(gemuk, buntal, chubby.. and many more).. so, they run.. it is actually same goes to me, where i also run to lose weight at first, but thenm when i started to run, i feel enjoy and i think that running is good for my health.. + im having a spinal pain if i gain weight more than 87kg.. fuhh..

last year, 2010.. i lost 8kg.. then, gain back, 10kg.. what the fcuk. so, this year.. this month, i promise to myself that i will lost at least 10kgs and i will run more than 80km to lose the weight...

today, i have already run a total of 4.7km and i have lost 320.4kcal... so,from now, i will change my blog to... "A JOURNEY TO BE A MARATHON RUNNER"