3 Sahabat

3 Sahabat

Sunday, December 4, 2011

No more sub 4 or sub 5 hours..

Before i start crapping anything.. i want to share my running diary.. =)

Super Marathon (55KM)
1. Jelapang Kedah Super Marathon 2.10.2011 (2011)- 7:41.58 hours

Full Marathon (42.195KM)
1. Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 26.6.2011 (2011) - 6:38.04 hours.
2. Taiping International Marathon 25.9.2011(2011) - 5:21.03 hours.
3. Putrajaya Night Marathon 15.10.2011 (2011) - 5:46.54 hours
4. Penang Bridge International Marathon 20.11.2011 (2011) - 5:01:13 hours

 Half Marathon (21.0975KM)
1. Penang Bridge International HM- somewhere in NOVEMBER(2009) 26KM - 2:56.07 hours
2. Seremban Half marathon 10.7.2011 (2011) - 2:17.54 hours
3. Petaling Jaya Half Marathon 30.10.2011 (2011) - 2:07.11 hours
4. X3 State Half Marathon 4.12.2011 (2011) - 2:05:55 hours
5. Newton 25KM 1.1.2012 (2012) - SOON

Orait, Today i finished my 4th half marathon and i did my personal best on my running. Im proud of myself even though it was way far from sub 2 hour for half marathon. Never mind, i still got room for improvement. Today, my running was quite good with a perfect weather and route. So i manage to finish 2 minutes earlier than Petaling jaya HM,...
Here is the cert and medal that i got this morning.,

After i did my 4th HM..  i started aiming for SUB4 for my FM.. i saw lots of my friends are running with sub4 today.. some of them in Singapore, n some in Hong Kong.. Reading their post saying that they had done a sub4, i started to get jealous. Why am i jealous?? i also dont know why.. maybe because i still cant catch their pace. Then i started to think, how am i going to be like them?? i did plan everything.. all the training and eating part..

But now, once i started writing in my blog, i question cross my mind. it just a simple question.. it is "What actually the purpose of you are running all those event?? is it for glory or for your health?"  This simple question makes me realized 1 thing. Before i started running in june 2011, i said to myself, "i run this because i want to lost weight and keep healthy". But now, i started to aim something else.. What is the reason?? what the hell is this?? oh mannn!!!

Now, i think, running with sub 5 or sub 4, is doesnt matter, i will just run as long as i can keep fit and maintain a healthy life style.. So, remember, i will just run for health reason n make friends while running. Timing is nothing actually for me.. i just give my best, if i get my personal best, it is a rewards for me. =).

Therefore, in the next run, i will just follow my own pace and just enjoy the scenery. i know, no body from malaysia can beat the kenyan pace.. so, what for im training harder?? am i going to beat them?? be realistic, there is no malaysian runner so far can beat kenyan.. so i believe that i also cant do the crazy thing.. hahaha.. My next aim is, keep healthy and run for my life.. no more sub 4 or sub 5 hours..

So long all the sub,sub soi.. hahaha,..

Friday, December 2, 2011

Step nk jadi ULTRAMAN..

Hari ni aku sgt berkobar2 nk jadi ultraman.. korg faham x ultraman aku kat sini maksud dia ape?? Maybe certain org akan cakap aku ni obsess dengan lari.. gile kejar menda tah.. misi aku ialah nk jd ultraman.. Ultraman kat sini bermaksud, aku teringin sgt nk berlari ULTRA MARATHON 100KM.. lepas je aku tamat larian ni, aku akan jadi ultraman.. nk jadi superman kat kedah hari tu pun aku dh pancit, tp xpe.. org kate, hidup ni kene ade matlamat.. so, matlamat aku skng, aku nk lari ULTRA MARATHON pulak.. SUPER MARATHON aku dh lari kat kedah, 55KM.. so, im officially a SUPERMAN now.. Jangan Jeles.. haha

Skng ni aku tgh giat bertanya sifu2 ultraman ni, mcm mane dorg training, n ape yg dorg buat. So far, alhamdulillah aku dh dapat byk sgt knowledge.. dan hari ni aku bertekad nk jadi ultraman thn depan dengan berat badan aku 75kg je.. klu aku xdapat berat tu, maybe aku kene tggu dlu..

Step yg aku akan amek utk jadi ultraman ni:
1: Makan mesti start kene control dh..
2: Say "NO" to ice..
3: Lari marathon sub 5hours.
4: lari 10km sub 1hours.
5: kayuh beskal 150KM seminggu..
6: tny sifu2 lagi tentang tips..
7: berlari seminggu 50++KM.
8: weight training sendiri.. buat je ape yg dh belaja dlu.
9: Fokus n jangan peduli nk org kate mu gile or ape2 pun.
10: bgn pg mesti stretching..

wat masa ni, 10 ni dlu step aku akn buat.. so, what i want to say is.. Good LUCK to ME..

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Thanks for all the wishes,.,
Terima Kasih atas ingatan dan doa2 utk diriku..
Ku amat menghargainya..

Semoga masuknya umur baru ni, aku akan lebih sihat dan dijauhkan dari segala penyakit.. amin.